“I strongly believe that learning French can be fun!”

FRENCH FOR YOUs main focus is to adapt to the student’s needs, via constant interaction, respecting the students’ learning style and making them feel confident in French.

I am a freelance French as a Foreign Language trainer who is passionate about teaching. After working for several language companies in Paris for over 10 years and also for a few years in Great Britain, I now live in Amsterdam where I moved with my husband. I am an independent and well organised person with over 15 years’ experience in teaching French to all levels professionals, students, expats, etc. with tailor-made programmes. I also arrange intensive courses in Paris.

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My experience in the private sector (as a research assistant in both an investment bank and an internationally renowned NGO) helped me to understand the needs and objectives of professionals from different cultures and backgrounds. As a language trainer I have also taught many professionals in many diversified areas: banking, industry, publishing, communication, media, etc.

Working with expats in Paris (both professionals and their partners) from various nationalities and backgrounds allowed me to widen my experience and elaborate my own method, based on interaction and active learning. I particularly enjoy the relationship and exchanges with the student. The progress and satisfaction of my students are my best rewards!

Also passionate about theatre and acting, I was, for many years, part of an amateur theatre group in Paris, La Nuit Comme en Plein Jour. I use this experience, along with some of the exercises and techniques I learnt, in my teaching: a playful approach to learn French, which is particularly appreciated by children, teenagers and indeed many adults.

Some people may be intimidated when learning a language, I constantly ensure that the student feels comfortable and enjoys speaking.  Pronunciation can be a challenge, understanding the rules of phonetics will help you with your pronunciation. You will learn the basics of phonetics as you go along and you will get numerous opportunities to practise. I often say that phonetics in French is as important as grammar. Sometimes it even overrules it!