Intensive Course in Paris

Intensive Course in Paris: learning more than just a language…

All levels – If you would like to learn fast and immerse yourself in both France and the French language, this course format is for you!

FRENCH FOR YOU offers intensive courses in Paris with the collaboration of Vanessa Bellendir, in Paris (see French Teacher in Montmartre on Facebook). Both of us are fully qualified French trainers with many years of teaching experience.  Students find it both stimulating and pleasant to have two teachers for their training course. I have been working with Vanessa for over 10 years, and it is always a pleasure to design and teach the course together. We make a great team!

FRENCH FOR YOU organises intensive courses for everyday and/or business French for professionals, students, expats… with tailor-made programmes as well as visits of authentic areas of Paris, museums, exhibitions, etc. and which is a really fun way to learn the language!

Format: a week of 3 to 6 hours of French per day, including visits, with a possibility of lunch and/or dinner throughout the week with different trainers in different arrondissements and restaurants.

Programme: tailor-made to your needs and objectives, by means of one on one interactive sessions. As with extensive courses, the programmes will focus on spoken and/or written French, every day or professional French, grammar, phonetics, etc. See also An Interactive Method.

Visits: various areas of Paris (Montmartre, Monceau, Parisian Passages, along the Seine, etc), museums, and exhibitions suggested to fit your tastes and interests.

NEW in 2016: Along with French lessons, visit museums with a highly experienced and passionate guide who will reveal to you all the secrets of the art life in Paris.

Your suggestions are always welcome. If there is something of interest that you wish to visit, the course will be adapted accordingly. My colleague Vanessa and I will do our best to fulfil your requests.

Please contact FRENCH FOR YOU to discuss your needs.