FRENCH FOR YOU offers lessons via Skype. As effective as a one to one lesson, this is ideal if you do not live in Amsterdam, if you prefer flexibility, if you work from home or if a one to one lesson is not possible for you (due to a busy schedule, trips, etc.).

I find this medium really useful and handy. I can correct you while you talk, either orally or in writing. You can see straight away the written correction and you can easily revise my notes on your computer after the lesson. I can also send you files from the internet or from my personal resources directly during the course.

I have had some students on Skype for many years already, and from many different parts of the world: London, Paris, Islamabad, Istanbul… They learn and improve as much as with one to one lessons. You can take your Skype lessons from work, or from wherever you are, away on business etc.

In addition, Skype lessons can complement the one to one session or can sometimes replace them.

Please note that Skype lessons are only available for people with an intermediate or advanced level (not for beginners) and the duration generally does not exceed two hours.

Please contact FRENCH FOR YOU to discuss your needs.