Private Lessons

Private French Lessons in Amsterdam

One on one lessons: in your office, at your home or at FRENCH FOR YOU. The priority is given to involving you in the lessons as much as possible with various interactive activities, linguistic and task oriented objectives, and diversified resources (manuals, articles, videos, internet, audio documents, etc.). If there is something you’d like to study or be introduced to, your suggestions are always welcome, and I will adapt the lessons accordingly.

Homework will be given to allow you to assimilate the contents of the lesson and to apply it to real situations. If you are a professional, you might not always have time for homework and I fully understand this. However, I will always give you a little something so that you can revise and practise.

The duration of the lesson can be for one hour, one and a half hours, and even up to two or three hours, depending on your schedule and availability.

Mini-groups: in your company, the lesson will be held with colleagues with similar level. This allows for team work, interaction and also stimulates the group to learn. I always try to place you in situations that could occur in your workplace, in meetings or with French partners, clients or contractors.

Skype Lessons: FRENCH FOR YOU offers lessons via Skype. This is ideal if you do not live in Amsterdam, if you prefer the flexibility, if you work from home or if a one to one lesson is not possible for you (due to a busy schedule, trips, etc.).

Skype lessons can complement the one to one session or can even replace them. Please note that Skype lessons are only available for people with an intermediate or advanced level and the duration generally does not exceed two hours.

Please contact FRENCH FOR YOU to discuss your needs.